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Our Fees

We believe in a partnership forming between you, the landlord, and the Students’ Union and for that reason we will offer a bespoke service to suit your requirements. However the following services will give you the most popular types of service.

Fully Managed Service

An initial set up fee of 50% of the advertised monthly rent (minimum £350), plus 10% of the rent collected on your behalf. All prices are subject to VAT. For example, if we collect £500 rent on behalf of a landlord we will charge £50 plus £10 VAT making a total of £60.

The service will include marketing, accompanied viewings, all paperwork, guarantors (where available), and inventory for an additional £55 plus VAT. Once the students have moved in we will collect the rent and pay you the net balance after our fees and any other costs have been deducted. We have a chase procedure in place for late rents and we are on call for any maintenance queries.

Let Only Service

This service will include all the above up to the point of the tenants moving into the property. The cost is 50% of the advertised rent. We can also conduct the inventory for you for an additional charge of £55 plus VAT. All prices are subject to VAT. For example, if the advertised rent is £1,000 we will charge £500 plus £100 VAT making a total of £600.

Honest and Transparent

It is our belief that you should be able to view our Terms and Conditions easily, and we actively encourage you to read them and ask us questions. The agreement you’ll sign will be the same as the one below with your relevant details included (name and address of property etc).